SECOQC QBB-Link-Interface

Quantum Backbone Link Interface QBB-LI

The participants of the SECOQC project, represented by the co-ordinator Austrian Research Centers GmbH - ARC, are proud to announce the publication of the Quantum-Back-Bone Link-Interface QBB-LI.

By this interface quantum cryptographic links can be inserted into the SECOQC Quantum Back Bone secrets distribution network. The QBB-LI interface is implemented in the SECOQC QBB demonstrator, where seven technologically different quantum cryptographic key distribution links are connected over it to the nodes of the network.

Published is the complete interface documentation, as well as a software package including a network node simulator and a sample quantum device. The published software package can also be used without actual quantum cryptographic links to simulate a SECOQC quantum key distribution network with an arbitrary number of network nodes and quantum cryptographic links.


Announcement, General Description, and Software Installation Instruction:
-› SECOQC_QBB-LI_announcement.pdf    (english, 188kB)

Stand-Alone Documentation (extracted from the software archives)
-›    (english, html-files, 2.1 MB)

Source code for sample quantum device and sample startup script:
-› sourcecode.tar    (1.5 MB)

Software packages for Linux operating system x86_64_amd64 DEB-based sytems:
-› x86_64_amd64_DEB.tar    (6 MB)

Software packages for Linux x86_64_amd64 RPM-based systems:
-› x86_64_amd64_RPM.tar    (5.3 MB)

Software packages for Linux i386 DEB-based sytems:
-› i386_DEB.tar    (5.8 MB)

Software packages for Linux i386 RPM-based systems:
-› i386_RPM.tar    (5.2 MB)